This is a movie-short centred around a ritualistic wedlock ceremony. After the bridal procession to the alter, the couple and the priestesses all drink from the same cup, and the bride and groom both sign a contract in their own blood. The bride is tied to a cross, whipped by her new husband and then takes her own life.

The piece is an expression of the bride's ultimate submission of herself, for all time. This then becomes the perfect relationship never tainted by time or age, where love has never faded. The perfect moment, the summit of their relationship - caught for all time. She suffers and dies to symbolize the pain every woman suffers in a relationship or marriage. It was important that she kills herself, in his arms - she is not murdered, she is willing, she sacrifices herself up on the alter of love.

I wanted to create a sense of otherworldliness, the set indicates no time or place, we know neither where or when this ritual pledge takes place, the piece is timeless.

Unfortunately, as it was shot on 8mm film, in very basic conditions, much of the detail of the piece and a few of the scenes we lost due to lighting issues, however, this has inadvertently added another quality to the piece, it is just as powerful, as the viewer you only see hints of what happening in the shadows and must try to decipher the darkness.

The music is The Cold Song by Klaus Nomi, it expresses how true love can thaw the frigid heart. (Originally from the opera 'King Arthur' by Henry Purcell.)

Click here to download/play the movie - The Wedding - WMV 4mins 50sec

We did take a lot of photographic stills on the day that document and show more clearly the action and amazing costumes which can be seen here on this slideshow.