Of Sapphic Dreams


These past weeks have seemed like a strange yet beautiful dream. As if you were an apparition conjured up in wishful reverie. I feel too frightened to allow myself to think on you as some tangible being. I think that if I pinch myself I might awake to some cold reality without you - and my life would end. Vivid moments constantly flash inwardly, erotic images, potent memories that send me into a heady trance. I taste you, smell you, see you, hear you. I can feel you running through the veins of my body, intoxicating me. I want to thank the sun and the moon and the stars - all the gods of all times - for such a gift. Our journey is so astounding; so perfect, so beautiful, that if die right now let them shout from the rooftops - she knew love!

I want to try and express how much you have touched me but words are too corporal to explain these feelings, which are so profound that they transcend language. Perhaps the simplest metaphor - a fairy tale can try to convey my complicated emotions.

The Silent Tower

A long time ago in a far away place a delicate princess fell ill. Consumed with fear, pain and emptiness her body grew cold and stiff until eventually she felt nothing at all. She was moved to a tall tower in the castle where eventually her blank eyes closed and she fell into a deep dark sleep. Cold tears streamed from her frigid body watering the thick-stemmed brambles covered with sharp thorns that grew around the tower, until it was impossible for anyone to enter. The years passed and it was deemed that only the most gallant, the most worthy could attempt to free the princess from her frozen confinement. Many tried but none could break through the thick sharp brambles.

Until one day, when all hope had been lost, a warrior arrived, a woman, a woman like no other, whose courage and valour emanated from her resilient body. Like a stalwart Amazon she tore at the brambles until the thorns tore open her skin and her body was awash with blood - for only a woman could suffer thus for love. Only a woman could break open the chambers of the Princess’s heart and fill them with life again. Only a woman could conquer her soul. She knelt by the grand gilt bed and kissed the Princess’s blue lips with such passion, such intense ardent force that the girl opened her eyes. The Princess gazed on the beautiful face, tasted the life in her lips, touched the fervour in her soul. The dead brambles began to fall away from the tower and light streamed in from the window bathing them in golden sunlight.


You have broken down the barriers I have built up around myself and awoken something in me I dared not even hope for. Something I had forgotten or pushed down so deep inside myself that I think part of me had died. The passed weeks have been amazing, if we were to try to chronicle them who would believe us. Who could even begin to understand - they are beyond mere comprehension. Maybe you were not a dream at all; maybe my life was the dream. I was sleeping and only woke when I found you. You were the reality. Proud warrior of my heart never let me sleep again.

by Ariel Belle. Copyright 2006.