A dead, rotten corpse

My body too

I smile when I think of this reunion
this same foul stench we share from these
decomposing, broken bodies

The insects bite into you
hundreds and hundreds
discovering the ecstasy of your stinking skin

I look at my corpse in the mirror
she see a frightened girl
a girl stripped naked of the promises

again and again and again

now we see the scars that don’t show

I too have insects, deep inside me
they grow from hurt and pain
they crawl from my orifices like maggots
to torture me with the past

There was no god to save us
only a man in a hood
No one questions - the knife
I saw it glint in the light
as it swooped down and butchered our hearts
And I watched as bloody hands offered
them up as sacrifices

We have the truth
We for whom there exists no salvation
We who will find Utopia in nothing

Kati, sweet, beautiful child
my sweet, sweet innocent sister
Oh how I envy you